Genesis HX77 headset after 1 year of use

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Genesis HX77 Review

The genesis HX77 is a (sort of) cheap headset. But is it good?

I’ve owned a genesis HX77 for over a year now and here are my thoughts.


When I first put on the Genesis HX77 after I broke my other headset it felt so awesome! The leader paddings around your ears are perfect for me.
After wearing the headset 1-2 hours my ears would hurt. Fortunately that issue went away quickly.

Build quality

The build quality of the headset on the outside is very good. The headset is very flexible and foldable so I doubt it’ll break quickly with normal use.
The whole cable from the headset to the USB port is covered in cloth which adds a lot of protection. Unfortunately it’s so strong it made loops in my cable that are hard to straighten and I’m scared of straightening them out to prevent cable damage. Another negative point for the build quality is the subwoofer that makes a buzzing sound which is a production fault on ALL HX77 headsets, something related to grounding. The detachable microphone also died very quickly.

Sound quality

I listen to music very often and think with the XEAR audio center’s “Audio brilliant” option, the sound can sound way better.
The extra vibration/bass function was truly what you think it is, but way better. I was amazed with songs that had a good bass.
Please don’t buy this headset if you just want to listen to music and you have a budget of €60, there are way better options!


The microphone of this headset is a clear microphone. It’s detachable which is only good if you don’t want it at all and have a dedicated mic in my eyes.
My microphone died very quickly by just not working at all. Your results may vary but be warned.


Speakers: 5.1 Real surround sound.
Frequency range: 30 Hz – 16 kHz.
Sound pressure level: 108 dB
Headphones impedance: 2,2 Ω
Noise reduction: yes

Microphone sensitivity: -56 dB
Frequency response: 30 Hz – 16 kHz.
Noise Reduction: yes

Cable length: 2,5 m
Connector: USB 2.0


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