5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

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Blog ImageLooking at statistics from statista and Tumblr, there are around 306 million blogs at the time.

Why are people creating these? Should you start one too? I’ll tell you why you should!


1. Simplicity of a blog

Creating a blog is simple and easy, if you want to you can create one completely free using WordPress.

2. Your own style

A blog doesn’t have to be about news or politics, you can talk about games, your life, you name it!
Because you can chose your own type of blog it’ll be way more fun than writing a school essay, writing about you like and love is enjoyable. If you want to you can express your feelings.
It’s your blog!

3. It gives you more confidence

Writing a post doesn’t require confidence at all, you can do whatever you want and can ignore anyone’s content, and YOU are the boss of YOUR blog and YOU define it!
After a while you’ll find that you have more confidence because you know what you’re doing is right.

4. You can earn a few bucks too

With services like Google AdSense, making money from websites including blogs is easy. You can even install plugins for wordpress to do most of the work for you, and placing an ad will be just a drag and drop!

5. You can influence other people

Not in a bad way, but you can give your opinions and give strong points why you are right, and other people will believe you. If you are getting a lot of visitors chances are your opinion will get heard and if you want to change something in the world people that can change it might listen.

Hope you’ll agree with me, blogging is easy to get started with and you can’t do anything wrong by trying!
Go ahead and good luck!


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